10 Best Free SQL Courses To Learn [Udemy Courses]

SQL (Structured Query Language) is a popular and standard language for interacting with and manipulating relational databases.

The SQL query language is a valuable tool for modifying and fetching data from databases and is widely used in software development since its syntax is simple and easy to learn.

Being a common relational database language, it’s imperative to have a good foundation in the SQL language, especially if you have aspirations to become a database administrator or software developer.

In this guide, we have compiled a list of Free SQL courses that you can take in Udemy to level up and be comfortable with the SQL database language.

1. Introduction to Databases and SQL Querying

With over 494,440+ students and a 4.5-star rating, Introduction to Databases and SQL Querying is the most popular free SQL course for beginners on Udemy.

It introduces basic concepts in databases and SQL querying, and no prerequisites are needed other than your laptop or PC.

This course is for absolute beginners with no experience in databases. The tutorial is easy to follow along and walks students through basic database concepts and running SQL queries to retrieve and manipulate data.

This is just an introductory SQL course, and no prior programming or database experience is required.

2. Advanced Databases and SQL Querying

If you need to upskill and acquire advanced concepts in SQL syntax, then Advanced Databases and SQL Querying course is the right pick. The course is a 3-hour video tailored for students who already have SQL basics and want to take it up a notch higher.

Students are expected to have taken the first course on this list (Introduction to Databases and Querying) before embarking on this tutorial.

The course covers advanced topics such as triggers, views, dynamic queries, transactions, error handling, and many others. There are assignments at the end of each concept.

In addition, TSQL scripts for all the demos are included and available for download. If you are looking to improve your database knowledge at no cost, consider taking this course.

3. SQL for Data Analysis

SQL for Data Analysis is a simple and well-structured SQL course intended for beginners with zero experience in databases or running SQL queries. It’s a 2-hour course that covers basic SQL syntax which is intended to provide beginners with a decent foundation in running SQL queries.

Unlike other free SQL courses, it doesn’t come with hands-on exercises or even quizzes. It’s a beginner-level course that serves as an introduction to SQL syntax.

4. SQL Foundations

The SQL Foundations course by Sagar Uppuluri, is one of the popular course with over 40,000+ students and a 4.4-star rating, this course covers SQL essentials for beginners.

The course walks you through basic SQL commands along with insights behind the syntax. In addition, you learn how to design a database schema, combine information from multiple tables, and apply aggregations.

5. SQL 101: A Beginners Guide to SQL

Created by Sean Coyne, and Jules Malin, the free SQL beginners course provides a high-level overview of the world of SQL.

SQL 101: A Beginners Guide to SQL is an hour course organized into 5 sections that contain quizzes and hands-on exercises after each section.

The course is quite elementary and provides learners with basic SQL queries, demonstrating aggregation of queries and joining tables.

6. Learn SQL in a Simplified Manner

If you are an absolute beginner or a professional who wishes to refresh your SQL skills, this is the right pick for you. Learn SQL in a Simplified Manner is tailored to help learners learn SQL in a simplified way with 1hr 56min of on-demand video which is followed by simple quizzes.

The course imparts knowledge of basic SQL skills including performing basic operations such as inserting, updating, deleting, and retrieving data, grouping data, joining tables, integrity constraints and so much more.

By the end of the course, you will learn how to design tables to store data, apply integrity constraints during the creation of tables, update records, and alter the structure of the existing table.

7. Learn SQL/MySQL Database Basics

Like any other beginner course, Learn SQL/MySQL Database Basics is a simplified and free SQL course crafted for beginners with absolutely no knowledge of database skills.

In this course, you will learn about databases, tables, and how to run SQL queries to retrieve and manipulate data in tables. In addition, you will create databases and tables, and perform operations such as adding and altering data in tables, joining tables, retrieving records and so much more.

Upon completion of this course, you will be competent in running SQL queries and have a solid understanding of databases.

8. Introduction to SQL Using TeamSQL

Introduction to SQL Using TeamSQL course takes a different approach from other courses and implements TeamSQL, which is a database management tool, to cover SQL basics. Before taking this course, it’s recommended that you have some basic knowledge of relational databases.

The course starts with a quick introduction to TeamSQL and later dives into basic SQL queries including adding, manipulating, and retrieving records from tables as well as writing complex queries.

Toward the end, you get to learn the basics of table management and TeamSQL’s features which are tailored to simplify the management of data. Some of these include exporting data from TeamSQL, data grid filtering, table structure previews, and working with snippets.

9. SQL Crash Course for Aspiring Data Scientists

SQL Crash Course for Aspiring Data Scientists is an SQL crash course that walks you through basic SQL syntax and towards the end demonstrates how SQL can be integrated with Python and Apache Spark to carry out data science tasks.

The course uses PostgreSQL as a learning environment for SQL and requires you to have an installation of Anaconda for Python.

This course is ideal for learners who not only want to learn the basics of SQL syntax but also those who desire to try a hand at data science. It’s also beneficial for practicing data scientists who do not normally interact with databases.

10. SQL for Newcomers – A Crash Course

As the name infers, SQL for Newcomers – A Crash Course is a beginner’s course in SQL. You will learn basic SQL concepts using PostgreSQL and SQLectron which is an open-source lightweight client that allows users to view, manage and work with databases.

No prerequisites are needed, other than your PC and an eagerness to learn SQL syntax.


Proficiency in SQL syntax remains a top skill in database management as well as programming and web development just to mention a few domains. The free courses that we have just covered will provide you with basic SQL syntax and queries that will help you get a decent foundation for working with relational databases.

And that’s it for this guide. We have covered some of the best free SQL courses that you can enroll in Udemy and scale up your database management skills.

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